The NSF TUES grant for the Active Learning Catalysts project began on May 1 , 2011 and expires April 30, 2014. The project team hopes to continue the project in some form beyond that date, but planned activities at this point focuses on that timeframe.

Academic Year Summer Semester Fall Semester Winter Semester


  • Funding starts
  • Room design review
  • Technology and furniture purchasing
  • Renovation of active learning studio classroom begins
  • Learning community forms
  • Active Learning Pedagogy Workshop I (led by Diane Ebert-May)
  • Renovation of active learning studio classroom completes
  • Furniture and equipment installed
  • "Operation Montserrat" active learning simulation held in cooperation with Jamrich Hall Revnoation project (led by Nancy Sturm)
  • Three courses "test drive" new classroom over last four weeks of semester
  • Technology workshops led by IDT (ongoing through end of project)
  • RTOP video recording begins
  • First full semester of courses offered in room. (14 courses, 4 Catalysts)
  • Annual report produced for NSF
  • Assessment and formative evaluation of project (ongoing) - first SALG data and post-semester student and instructor surveys
  • "Operation Montserrat" active learning simulation repeated twice
  • Active learning webinars (ongoing through end of project)
  • Catalysts work on re-designing courses for Fall semester
  • Learning community online activity ramps up
  • Project included in Sloan-C/MERLOT ET4 Symposium panel presentation (Smock).
  • All Catalysts teach re-deisgned course in active learning classroom
  • Catalysts and PIs ramp up "Catalyzing" (sharing results with NMU colleagues and encourging them to adopt active learning).
  • Active Learning Pedagogy Workshop II
  • Annual report produced for NSF
  • Ongoing activities continue.
  • Ongoing activities continue.
  • End of data collection for assessment
  • Summative evaluation of project
  • Final report produced for NSF

Note: The dates above differ from the "Timetable for Project Activities" outlined in the project description document because TUES grants were originally scheduled to be awarded in November 2010. The delay in the award resulted in modification of the timeline.

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furniture installation

Contractors installing furniture and wiring in October 2011.

Operation Montserrat

Faculty experiencing active learning first hand during the Operation Montserrat workshop in November 2011.

Operation Montserrat

Principal Investigator Jill Leonard facilitates one of the first course sessions in the new active learning classroom (December 2011).

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